We bring hope and breathe life back into those who have lost it! 

Rise & Dream Foundation

We bring hope and breathe life back into those who have lost it!  

thanksgiving meals

We deliver traditional Thanksgiving meals to families who 

have been identified in their school as in financial need. 

For these families, we will deliver to their home a traditional 

meal along with a food box and hygiene & cleaning basket to 

invest in the family. Support our effort today! 

food boxes 

Through the school districts we work with counselors and 

teachers to identify those families qualifying for a financial crisis

type situation.  We adopt the children through the weekend
backpack program and then during the longer school breaks:  
​fall break, winter break, spring break and summer time.   These food boxes contain bigger staple items for the home so that bigger meals can be prepared for the whole family.  We would love our support today!

holiday gift giving - adopting families

Each year we adopt families through the school districts during 

the holiday season.  We give the children toys, balls, bicycles, 

books, etc and then we extend our help further.  We assess the

needs of the whole house and every member in it from top to 

bottom and then we invest in them. We supply clothes, shoes

socks, jackets, blankets, pillows, household items needed, beds, 

furniture, etc.  We seek to make an impact in the lives of families so they can get back to restoring their own status and maintaining their needs.  Support us today and adopt a family of 4, 6 or 8 total. 

NEW & GENTLY USED sporting equipment

We have made a global effort in Poland through David's Camp
and the Bread of Life program, where we spend 1-2 weeks
putting on sports camps and mentoring children in broken
areas.  We ideally work with 50-75 children a camp and bring
them supplies of different sports equipment  bags, balls,
water bottles, shirts, etc. and begin to minister to their needs.  
​Help us in supporting this effort twice a year. 


Join us to fill a backpack with 2 breakfasts and 2 lunches that

they take home each Friday.  They return the backpack on

Monday to their counselors and then we repeat weekly.


Fill a backpack with school supplies to give to families who just

do not have the extra resources to purchase new items to get

their children prepared for school. School can be expensive and 

we want to supply children with the tools to start off successful. ​

hygiene & CLEANING SUPPLIES baskets

We know when families are hungry there are many more needs
in the home.  So, our goal is to make an impact by supplying a

hygiene basket (Incl. shampoo, conditioner, lotion, body wash,

face wash, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc.)  and a

cleaning supplies basket (inc. laundry detergent, cleaning supplies,

toilet paper, etc.)  Help us touch the family in a special way today. 


We gather new and gently used clothing and shoes for

families who are in true need for their families.  We collect

only new bras, underwear, socks, and undershirts.  We

accept gently used items including shirts, pants, jackets,

dresses, skirts, shorts, shoes, belts and jewelry.  

When we can help children dress in the right size

clothes with no stain, holes, etc their confidence

is built and parents can feel some relief.  When we

look at what the parents need, we help them dress in the clothes that they need for their jobs or jobs they are interviewing for.  Jump in and help us make an impact! 

No One Ever
Became Poor By Giving!  
​Anne Frank

FiLL your inner pASSION by helping others


Volunteers join Rise an Dream foundation in San Tan Valley where the gym was filled with clothes, shoes, toys, food, hygiene and cleaning products. Find out how this 4-hour experience turned into an official partnership with key volunteers in the area that will now benefit thousands.

Hunger and lack of basic needs isn't seasonal, which is why our year-round drives get so much attention. Devote an a few hours a week to gathering items needed, become a regular donor, make connections to get donations or become a drop off location.

We bring hope and breathe life back into those who lost it!  

RISE makes an impact by Investing, Strengthening and Restoring the children and families in our neighborhood.  

Join us today! 

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RISE makes an impact by Investing, Strengthening, and Restoring
the lives of ​families and children in our neighborhoods.