Making an impact in the lives of families who need it most! 

Rise & Dream Foundation

Foundation History

Kristin Hodge,
Founder and CEO of

RISE & Dream Foundation

  1. 1991 - Kristin (Sewell) Hodge attends a Women's Church Conference in Phoenix, AZ where she realizes her mission is to make an impact to those in the community that need real help.  With this seed planted in her heart, her passion rises and her life changes forever.
  2. 1993 - Kristin begins her first company Heaven Sent Events Fundraising & Coordinating where she began coordinating events to raise money for non-profit organizations, churches and schools so they had the money they needed for their programs to flourish.
  3. 2012 -Kristin founds RISE & DREAM Foundation to make an impact in the lives of the families and children in our neighborhoods who truly are in need of help.  The three tier model:  INVEST, STRENGTHEN and RESTORE was formed.  
  4. 2014 -The RISE & DREAM Foundation grows by leaps and bounds to help over 120+ children and families in need throughout the year by delivering food boxes, hygiene baskets and household items.  Volunteers for the Adopt-a-family program topped at 50. 
  5. The Foundations work in the community reached a record high in 2016/17 .  
    - We have had over 250 volunteers help RISE
    - We have adopted over 300 children and families throughout the year.
    - We have distributed 3200+ breakfasts and lunches for the weekend food program to children in a local school.
    - We have brought in 10+ hairstylists/barbers to give families fresh haircuts during our Christmas giving event in San Tan Valley & Tempe
    - We brought in 2 local photographers to take portraits for each family during our Christmas giving event in San Tan Valley & Tempe
    - We partnered with Lydian Dental in San Tan Valley & Tempe to give the children screenings, fluoride treatments and treat 20 families in emergency dental situations. 
    - We distributed over 1800 toys and over 1400 outfits along with 1000+ socks and shoes during the year
    - We delivered over 800 Food Boxes, Hygiene Baskets, and cleaning Supply Bags with toilet paper.  
    - We have expanded our storage/warehouse area from the founders home and garage to 5 storage units totaling 1600 sq feet with shelves and racks to house the food, clothes, shoes, furniture and household good donated throughout the year. 
  6. Future - expand our reach to make an impact from city to city in each state across the country.  Build RISE Community Centers that would combine our efforts with the clothes/food pantry, our fitness and athletics programs, along with the computer labs and classes needed to help families reach higher and make it successfully on their own without resources.  . Currently we are serving 9 cities in Arizona:  San Tan Valley, Florence, Queen Creek, Higley/Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, Apache Junction, Tempe and Phoenix, 

Our goal is to partner with people and businesses that see the vision and want to serve their community or a community nearby that could benefit from their resources, time and talent.  

Our founder

     Making an impact in others lives is like water to drink and air to breathe.  I could not exist without air and water and I do not exist without giving back to those who need it most.  I do not feel it's necessary to live in a shelter, low income housing or on the street to get help.  It's about making an impact with people right where they stand in need - no judgement just love in action. 


     I spent 20+ years helping other organizations fulfill their mission, and the the vision was presented to me to focus specifically on certain types of resources for people in regular neighborhoods that don't always qualify for help but are in true need.  I accepted the call and RISE and DREAM Foundation was founded.  

     What was shown to me was that the majority of people are one crisis away from loosing everything.  I watched time after time, a family member go through a medical crisis or life situation and because of the loss of time on the job or a loss of job they had a hard time recovering and saving their family.  So many times they lost their home and had to relocate.  Kids would suffer with shoes that had holes and clothes that didn't fit, or would go hungry - minimal supplies to take care of their needs and the kids definitely couldn't participate with sports programs.  They often times would come to the schools with their hair dirty and not being well cared for with hygiene.  What I could see is the heart of the parents didn't want this, but they just couldn't recover and get their family to the next level.   

     So, I developed a mission with RISE to make an impact in the lives of families in our neighborhoods who need it most.  Myself along with the board, staff, volunteers, partners and friends of RISE -   We seek to INVEST, STRENGTHEN and RESTORE those families who need it most.   Join us today!