We bring hope and breathe life back into those who have lost it! 

Rise & Dream Foundation


Thank you so much for your continued support of our efforts! 

We hope you will support the work we are doing with your one time or reoccurring tax deductible donation or your monthly contribution.  

We would like to personally invite you to become a RISE IMPACT Partner with us today.  Your monthly financial partnership makes it possible for us to give families clothing, shoes, socks, food, hygiene items, cleaning & laundry supplies and beds/furniture and more when they are in need. Without YOU this would not be possible. 


"We wouldn't have had any gifts to open had it not been for you!"
~ Girl Age 7

"I am struggling to get back on my feet after getting me and my kids out of the shelter.  They are in need of winter clothes and I'm barely keeping the lights on and food in the house.  Without your help I don't know what I would have done."  
~ Mom of 4

"You have no idea how much you've helped our family.  When I got sick last year and lost my job, we've not been able to really do anything extra with only one income from my husband.  Thank you for being so kind to help us give the kids clothes, shoes and toys."
~ Mom of 5

"Thank you so much for helping us.  My wife and didn't know what to do and have just been praying for help.  We had to take in my sisters children and we are financially struggling.  What a blessing it is to have food, these products, and all the clothes and gifts you gave to us.  I'm truly overwhelmed and so grateful!  
~ Dad of 11

"You never realize that you will be in the position to have to require help.  After raising all my kids and now I have to take custody of my grandkids so they can be safe - I'm truly grateful that you and the school district are able to help me.  It truly means the world to us."  ~ Grandmother of 3

"We are so thankful you have not only brought us gifts, and food, and much needed hygiene products, but having delivered us a hot meal is so great!  We wanted to make Christmas Eve special for the girls but were unsure what to do.  Thank you for extending this amazing gift to us.  What a blessing!"  
‚Äč~ Group Home Leader of 10