We bring hope and breathe life back into those who have lost it! 

Rise & Dream Foundation

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Why do I love volunteering?

It comes from my grandmother Josephine.  She grew up in poverty and many times she went to bed hungry.  As a young girl, we didn't have much but i saw that she never turned anyone away.  When you came to her home, you always had a plate of food if you were hungry and you left with some groceries to take home.  My grandmother would give her last dollar.  I remember how much people appreciated her - they would always leave with a smile.  My grandmother wasn't on government assistance, she felt others needed it more.  She would always say.. Que Dios Te Bendiga Y Que Ti mas! (May God Bless You and Give You More).  I thank her for being my role model.   

We are a group of dedicated individuals (some featured, some anonymous) that are determined to make an impact in the lives of families and children who need our help most.  We would love you to join our efforts and fulfill your purpose by becoming an outreach team member and making an impact with us today! 

Our outreach TEAM

"I don't exist without giving back and making an impact to those who need it the most!" 

Kristin Hodge

recent programs

The Adopt a Family program in December was a true success.  We were able to deliver close to 5000 toys, clothes, shoes, food, hygien, and cleaning products. 


In order to accomplish the mission and vision we need support from you.  Make a donation to support our work today. 


Volunteer for us each year and make the difference in the lives of thousands.
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mission & vision

To make an impact in the lives of families who need it most. 

Founders History & How we got started

  1. 1991 - Kristin (Sewell) Hodge at 19yrs old realizes her mission is to serve those in need - to find a need a fill it, during a women's church conference, and her life changes for ever. 
  2. 1993 - Kristin begins her first company Heaven Sent Events Fundraising & Coordinating where she began raising money to help many non-profit organizations, churches and schools raise the money they need for their programs to flourish.
  3. 2012 -In 2012, it became clear that founding her own non-profit organization to take care of the specific needs she was led to make an impact for is her purpose.  She formed two and called them the Rise & Dream Foundation (which Invests in families essential needs and restores them to maintain a successful life) and Arizona RISE (which strengthens families through sports, fitness, health and nutrition).  It has become her mission to bring life and breathe hope back into those who have lost it! 
  4. 2014 -The Rise & Dream Foundation grows by leaps and bounds to help over 477+ children and families in need.  We were able to deliver close to 5000 clothes, shoes, toys, food, hygiene products and cleaning items along with beds, furniture and blankets in 2014. .   
  5. Future - 2016 has multiple warehouse sites that collect and organizes all food, hygiene products, cleaning & laundry supplies, toilet paper along with new and gently used clothing, shoes, socks, jackets, blankets, toys and furniture.  The school district counselors call on us for emergency situations with families and we want to be organized and prepared to take care of that need instantly.  

Become a partner with us today and help us make an impact! 

Founder, CEO of The RISE Family which consists of: 

The Rise & Dream Foundation,
Rise Athletics LLC & Arizona Rise Sports
​Rise Event Planning, ​The Rise Card

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